As a mom, educator, and a lifelong learner, I have a passion for teaching and helping children, parents, and educators. This began when my school principal recommended me, as a middle school student, to take a 1st grade student who needed some extra reading support to the library and read with him. I discovered the joy it brought me to help choose books and read with this young boy. I was an avid reader and writer at that age, but my principal saw something more in me. The opportunity she gave me taught me lessons about community, the power of reading, and the importance of supporting and engaging readers. I felt pride in knowing that I made a difference in a child's life.

Wanting to continue to feel that joy and pride lead to a lifelong pursuit in literacy and music education. My career has focused on serving the needs of all children on their unique journey through school. I'm a college educator, researcher, educational consultant, bookseller, musician, and teacher. But I'm also a mom of school age children. I have talked with so many parents about their questions, concerns, and struggles. It's my role as a parent and friend of parents that led me on this journey. As a parent and teacher myself, I know we all want the best for our children and to do everything possible to help them. I understand the frustration parents feel when they are trying to do everything they can to no avail, are struggling with tough decisions, or simply see their child struggle and don't know what to do next.

The Treehouse is a community-based business aiming to serve learners and readers of all ages and abilities. The bookshop offers books for babies through teens, as well as parents, educators, and featured adult books as well. I firmly believe that everyone is a reader and deserves the right to a positive literacy learning environment. For parents who feel their child can progress further or do better, we have a program for you. Maybe your child struggles in reading and writing, or needs extra practice and support. Maybe your child excels but needs a place to stretch their brain and enrich their thinking. Maybe your child needs a chance to move beyond the "every day" to grow and expand their learning. The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center offers programs that fit all learners. Never feel powerless in your child's education - we can work together to reach all of your child's goals.

I created my dream, The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center, to offer a comfortable learning environment designed for growing readers, engaging minds, and enriching lives. The Treehouse offers an inviting and open atmosphere to browse our children's bookshop or discover one of our many fun educational programs in literacy or the arts. Proud to be a local business, The Treehouse responds to the needs of the community, finds innovative ways to serve local customers, and promotes growth in a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment.

I understand that parents and children lead busy lives, running here and there. You want the best for your child and don't have time to waste. You need to know you are signing up for a valuable service. Let me introduce myself so you feel confident in this choice. I am the owner and educator at The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center. I am a reading tutor, music teacher, arts educator, literacy professor, children's literature expert, professional musician, and a mom of 2 elementary aged children. I am an active member of community based volunteer organizations in literacy and music. The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center grew from my dream of using my passion and skills to change our world through the power of literacy, learning, and the arts.

I have been professionally teaching children reading and music for over 15 years. I studied music education and literacy education and hold New York State certifications in elementary education, music education, and English education. I am an adjunct professor, working with future and practicing teachers on literacy skills. I focused my research on children's books and the arts and how an arts-based perspective values the work of students with disabilities. I have made it my life's work to help children become readers.

Call or stop in to today to find out how The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center is growing readers, engaging minds, and enriching lives.