Programs for Adults

The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center is a great place for kids, but also for people who work with kids! We have a parenting and education section in the bookstore and regularly host events for parents and teachers.

Engaging Minds

Parent or Teacher Book Club/Study Group

The Treehouse will periodically host book clubs focused on current books on education or parenting that are of interest. Book club prices will include the cost of the book (with a considerable discount!) and the book club sessions. The number of sessions and cost will be dependent on the book choice. Check the calendar to see what the next book club selection will be!

Parent or Teacher Seminars

Seminars will be offered to groups of parents and teachers. Seminars will be planned around a variety of educational topics. Topics for parents may include preparing your child for school, supporting your child in learning to read, supporting your school age child, reading aloud with your child. Topics for teachers may include supporting learnings with disabilities, gender differences in literacy, developmental spelling instruction, and many more. Study groups will be centered around accessible books and research articles to work together and generate new ideas for parenting, teaching, and developing children’s literacy skills. Have a topic you want to discuss? Feel free to send in ideas through our contact form, and we can build seminars around topics you want to learn more about!
$10 per person per event. Check the calendar to see when the next study group or seminar is offered!

In addition to our educational programming, we also offer bookstore services, such as our Loyal Readers Club, ‘My Favorite Books” Club and Gifts on the Go and we host special events such as parents’ night out, birthday parties and baby showers, as well as free seasonal events and celebrations.