Programs for Preschoolers

The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center offers multiple opportunities to engage our youngest learners! Our programs are developed by literacy and preschool educators and are designed to enrich the learning that is already going on at home and at school.

Engaging Programs for Very Hungry Caterpillars

Our Preschool hours go one step beyond traditional preschool story hours. We read one or two books during enrichment hour to introduce our topic, then we have a variety of early literacy activities, math activities, social skills activities, and science activities all in an age-appropriate, play-based format to engage and enrich preschoolers!
$5/child or $7/family!

While preschoolers are welcome to come have fun at the Treehouse any day of the week, we'll get out the toys just for preschoolers and let them play and explore at their own pace on Fridays 10:30 am -11:30 am. While Treehouse staff will be there to interact and encourage play, parents are responsible for supervising children during open play.

*This program is not currently running due to Covid, but we hope to offer it again soon.

Remember playing kitchen? School? Restaurant? Many preschool and kindergarten programs don't have as much time for this kind of play though it's so important to reading development. Aimed at Pre-K/Kindergarten age children (3-5 years old), dramatic play hour gives kids a chance to come to play. We change the themes regularly and use a story to set the stage. There is plenty of props, literacy-rich materials, support, and interaction. Come play on Saturdays!

In addition to our educational programming, we also offer bookstore services, such as our Loyal Readers Club, ‘My Favorite Books” Club and Gifts on the Go and we host special events such as parents’ night out, birthday parties and baby showers, as well as free seasonal events and celebrations.