Fall Virtual School Days

Hours 9am-3pm
$45 per day, paid weekly for the number of days you are registered to attend.

(Early morning and afterschool hours can be added for a small additional cost)

What will WE do to help your children?

What will WE do to help your children?

Each child will be set up at their own desk. Staff will work with kids to:

  • Make sure they sign in to class meetings
  • Monitor, guide and help them with the work they need to do.
  • Generally help them problem solve
  • Make sure work is done by the end of the day

Other daily activities:

The kids will have snack and lunch while they are here. (Hopefully at the same time so they can chat and relax, unless the virtual meetings schedule doesn't allow us all to stop at the same time)

  • Bring lunch, snack, water

When kids are done with work, they may have extra time ("downtime"). But, due to safety, they'll need to stay at their own desk area, even if they're done with schoolwork and homework.
  • Bring book or "desk activities" (things that can be done while staying at desk, e.g. writing, drawing, art activities, puzzles, puzzle book, etc.. (We can come up w supplemental activities or books, too, but kids may enjoy things they've chosen themselves more.)
  • Downtime activities need to be screen free. As all families have different policies, we can't manage and monitor everyone's rules so we're going to implement the same rule for everyone. SCREEN FREE DOWNTIME (this will also help stop arguments like "why they are allowed to watch youtube but I'm not")

We know staying at a desk all day isn't fun. ☹ but we need to keep kids safe, and they need to do the virtual work expected of them on those days so they can continue to progress on the days they are in school. However, we'll also try to make things fun - we can have pajama days and movie (or 'short clip') lunch times. In nice weather and with permission, we can walk to the playground across the street for a little bit of fresh air and exercise. And we'll keep adding to this list of ways to lighten and make things fun (but safely).

Add On:

These are services that can be added on to the regular daily activities for an added fee.

Elementary small group reading tutoring

  • 3-4 person groups
  • Phonics based reading lessons to solidify decoding and spelling skills
  • Two 1/2 hour sessions per week taking place during day/time they are already there
  • $130/month

Age level appropriate book club
  • 10 week session , discuss 1 time per week during day/time you're at the Treehouse
  • $60 (total for all 10 weeks) includes books

Before or after school care (if you need hours beyond the 9-3):
  • Dropping off between the 8-9 AM hour -an additional $5.
  • Dropping off in the 7:00 hour would be an additional $10.

Picking up - an extra $5 per hour (so if you pick up by 4, it's an added $5, by 5 it's an added $10, by 6pm an added $15.)


Kids will be asked to wear masks definitely when moving around room, otherwise we will each be staying at own personal desk area (This may change to wearing all day, depending on school regulations and containment of virus in area)

Temperature check each morning

Parent will sign off on daily COVID exposure questions

Siblings will be seated in same area (in most cases).

If someone in child's class or grade or school contracts virus, child will likely be asked to quarantine 2 weeks (but we will consult with medical professionals to review case)

Frequent use of hand sanitizer and washing hands

Ventilation in room

Cleaning of desks, chairs, bathroom , frequently touched surfaces midday and at end of day and whenever else deemed necessary in addition.

Children won't share devices, food, or any other items from home. Children also will have their own supplies that they use. (Either given by us for 'general' supplies, or if they need something specific for their work, they should bring their own).

Children are asked not to bring toys or items from home beyond food and schoolwork and downtime desk activities.


We do have a limit on the number of kids per day due to space and distancing restrictions.

Once we contact you to confirm your spot, we will need a deposit equal to the charge per week, within the next 3 days. The deposit will be applied to the first week of fall. (If we don't receive the deposit, we will release the spot to the next person on the list.)


Q: Do the kids really need to sit in a seat ALL DAY long without moving?

A: I know the detailed outline of the safety measures is very impersonal and sounds uncaring! It sounds more bleak than it really is. We have to keep the kids distanced and safe. That's the main concern. But we'll definitely also try to have walks to the park, crafts, brain breaks, yoga or movement activities, and other fun throughout the day. We've been doing camp this summer and though they stay in their general area there is still plenty of movement, fun, and activity. So I guess we should say they need to be in their own area but not that they'll be glued to the seat. I also anticipate that the kids could have a fuller schedule of work than we saw in the spring. Teachers were in (understandably) crisis mode in spring but now may be more prepared to offer curriculum just in a new way. I know this scenario is different than if they could roam about their house. But I promise we won't make it seem like any sort of cruel or unusual punishment. :)

Q: How many kids will be there/ per room?

A: Our maximum limit for each day is about 18-20 (depending on sibling pairings. Siblings can be seated a little closer together so we may go up to 20 if things work out that way). We'd have 5-6 kids in one room closer to the bookstore area, and then 10-12 split among adjoining event rooms, and then possibly a sibling grouping in one of our smaller music lesson rooms. We'll group kids in the 3-4 different rooms based roughly on age, so there might be Kindergarten to 2nd grade in one area, 3-4th or 5th in a 2nd room, and then older kids in a 3rd room. Exactly where those 'cutoffs' are depends on who is coming on the given days, of course.

Q: How many staff members per group?

A: We are planning to have 1 staff member in each room/area, which is 1 staff member per every 5-7 children.

Q: Will someone be able to help them with their schoolwork:

A: Our main concern will be safety, but our main goal is to be there to help them with their schoolwork, whether it is 'paper' or digital work, making sure they join any virtual meetings scheduled, etc. So, our priority will be to help them with the schoolwork, we consider that our job while they are there. (But, of course we will also be concerned with health and safety as we accomplish that goal).

Q: What age children is this suited for?

A: We are prepared to help K-8th grade students, because we know this is the age group that can't be left alone (obviously for the little ones) to do this work on their own but need a safe space to work while parents are working on the virtual days. So, we will make sure that each age group has everything they need (work, social, breaks, fun, lunch, etc.!) While the conditions of this hybrid option may not be optimal for these younger kids, we will make it our mission to make sure we provide an opportunity for kids to be in the best environment possible given the conditions we are working with.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to ask! These guidelines may change before or throughout the Fall, but we will always keep you aware of any new or changed information.

This is obviously NOT a program that we planned on every holding when we first opened so we are still always fine tuning the plans. But we are glad that we can be a safe place in the community to help kids, parents, and teachers.

~ Joanna