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The Treehouse Reading & Arts Center is a bookstore and learning center dedicated to inspiring, promoting and supporting literacy goals in the community. Our bookstore features a variety of enriching reading materials to share with children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. You can also find books for parents and educators at our store.

We're also a community center that provides a wide range of educational programming, including:


  • Literacy tutoring
  • Literacy and arts enrichment activities
  • Summer camps for kids
  • Book and writing clubs
  • Music lessons
  • Parent and teacher study groups



Call 315-765-6262 right now to get more information on our bookstore, summer programs for children and events for parents and teachers.


Why should you bring your child to our summer camp?

The summer camps for kids The Treehouse Reading & Arts Center puts on are indispensable supplements to your child's education. Sign them up for any of the eight-weeks of summer because:





  • The program is designed to supplement and further the education your child is receiving during the school year.
  • Each week of summer camp has a new fun them like pottery or espionage.
  • We offer our summer camp programs for children from kindergarten all the way to sixth grade.












When your child comes to The Treehouse Reading & Arts Center, they learn lessons that will last them a lifetime.